Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Second Meeting and Conference Information

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 7 at 7:30 in Alcove C (Kansas Union). Please remember to bring your $35 delegate deposit so you can attend the conference. Once again, if you do not have your deposit in by Tuesday you will not be able to attend the conference. Please make all checks payable to KU Model United Nations.

Also remember to have your top ten countries picked out, as we will be deciding what countries we will submit. At the last meeting, we gave the impression that we were interested in a Middle Eastern country, a country on the Security Council, as well as nations such as Indonesia. We will also be deciding on three crisis situations, so have your top three in mind as well. Here are the crisis situations to choose from and a little information about them (this comes from the website http://www.upmunc.org/committees.aspx) -

Crisis Committees and Regional Summits
Security Council of the United Nations
ad hoc Committee of the Secretary-General ^
North Atlantic Treaty Organization*
Organization of American States
Ottoman Divan of 1912*
The Indian Cabinet of 1971*
The Pakistani Cabinet of 1971*
The Israeli Cabinet*

The Security Council once again headlines our crisis offerings, as delegates react to events immediately threatening international peace and security. Building on its past success, the ad hoc Committee of the Secretary General continues as our flagship committee. UPMUNC pioneered the concept; composed of fewer than 15 delegates, the nature of this body changes each year and is not revealed until shortly before conference. Due to the immense popularity of this committee, applications are required.

UPMUNC is also offering some of the most unique committees on the circuit this year, including the Israeli Cabinet, a simulation of a crisis in one of the world's most watched regions. The Ottoman Divan of 1912 will have delegates trying to maintain the delicate balance of power in pre-World War One Europe. In the return of our Joint Cabinet Crisis simulation, the Indian Cabinet of 1971 will work with and against the Pakistani Cabinet of 1971 in an historical simulation of volatile South Asian politics.

With the major changes occurring in Europe and North America, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be an exciting and fast moving crisis experience. Finally, the Organization of American States always provides for thought provoking and intense debate over issues ranging from immigration reform to economic barriers.

Hope to see everyone next Tuesday! Have a wonderful three day weekend, and as always please send any questions to ku.modelun@gmail.com


Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Meeting for Fall 2006

Welcome to the Fall 2006 semester of Model United Nations!

We will be having our first meeting Monday August 28 at 9:oo pm in the Walnut Room of the Kansas Union. This will be an open meeting, so anyone who is interested or wants to learn more about Model United Nations here at KU is welcome to come.

This semester we will be attending the University of Pennsylvania 2006 Model United Nations Conference which will be held November 2-6. For more information about the conference, visit the website http://www.upmunc.org/

For the first meeting, please have in mind what country you would like KU to represent at the conference. For a list of what countries are in the United Nations, please check out this link http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0001295.html

For our second meeting (which will be either Monday September 4 or Tuesday September 5) there will be a required $35 delegate fee. If you do not have the $35 deposit by the second meeting, you will not be able to attend the conference this fall. We have to have our deposit in by September 9th, so this is to ensure that we have a spot in the conference. Also for the second meeting, we will be voting on what country we want to represent at the conference.

If you have any questions, please e-mail ku.modelun@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Valerie Tarbutton